Meet the Popular Investors that beat the markets in Q3, 2020

By eToro After a fast recovery in the capital markets, which started in Q2, the S&P 500 reached a positive yearly return in Q3. The end of Q3 was more volatile as the S&P 500 decreased by 3.9% in September. Despite this, many of eToro’s Popular Investors remained profitable even in September, demonstrating that theyContinue reading “Meet the Popular Investors that beat the markets in Q3, 2020”

How will the US Election Impact Global Markets?

By Avner Meyrav 2020 was one of the most eventful years in recent history. The COVID-19 pandemic crippled multiple segments of global markets, US and China had an ongoing trade spat and the price of oil reached unprecedented lows. But the year is not over yet, and there is at least one more major event that couldContinue reading “How will the US Election Impact Global Markets?”

“I retired at age 42” — Meet Popular Investor @lojikfool

By eToro Many people dream of early retirement, but few actually manage to achieve it. eToro Popular Investor Mick Mullins was able to do so by achieving a steady average of 20% annual returns on his stock portfolio. We asked him about his investment strategies and personal life.  Check out lojikfool’s stats Tell us aContinue reading ““I retired at age 42” — Meet Popular Investor @lojikfool”

Invest well, or not at all: Meet Popular Investor Zheng Bin

By eToro Zheng Bin (@FundManagerZech) from Singapore has been trading on eToro for almost four years. “I trade as I would with my life savings,” he says. He is not here to chase returns or make his stats look good in the short term. Zheng believes in solid research and only taking risks in whichContinue reading “Invest well, or not at all: Meet Popular Investor Zheng Bin”

Three investment options as markets get the jitters

By eToro In the financial markets, confidence is key. If the markets believe your company is set for big things, your share price goes up. If they believe you’re on a downward slide, your share price quickly follows suit. But what if the markets lose confidence in their own ability to predict what will happen,Continue reading “Three investment options as markets get the jitters”

eToro Portfolios are now more accessible than ever

By eToro Invest in Ready-Made Portfolios for as little as $2,000 Among our most popular offerings are our CopyPortfolios. These ready-made investment strategies give you exposure to a variety of markets, themes and innovative financial technologies, each bundled into one accessible investment portfolio. Some portfolios have a minimum investment amount of $5,000, while others require aContinue reading “eToro Portfolios are now more accessible than ever”

How to Trade Crypto: Step by Step

By eToro The cryptocurrency market is now more than a decade old, and yet, many would-be traders are still hesitant when it comes to trading them. Completely understandable. But what seems confusing at first, could become second nature with the right tools and guidelines. Enter eToro: a user-friendly and trusted platform, which enables anyone, anywhere,Continue reading “How to Trade Crypto: Step by Step”

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