Microsoft who? Oracle Beats the tech Giant to take over TikTok

By eToro “Dark Horse” scenarios, in which an unlikely candidate comes from the back of the pack to win it all, are very rare in real life. However, when it comes to Oracle’s acquisition of TikTok’s US business — that’s exactly what happened. After various blockbuster brands, such as Facebook and Microsoft, were named as potential acquirers, it was theContinue reading “Microsoft who? Oracle Beats the tech Giant to take over TikTok”

Are you making these 6 common investing mistakes?

By eToro This post was written by Joseph James Milazzo, a Popular Investor based in Australia, who has been trading on eToro since 2016. He has an MBA in Public Sector Administration and works as a Senior Consultant to the Australian Government. Even the best investors make mistakes, and even experts can get it wrong whenContinue reading “Are you making these 6 common investing mistakes?”

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