November’s Online Shopping Frenzy Could Be an Investment Opportunity

Ladies and gentlemen, start your shopping: A flurry of shopping events is coming this November and sales records for online spending may be broken yet again. However, as COVID-19 hovers in the background, this year’s events could be facing new challenges. What is expected and how can investors find potential in e-commerce stocks during thisContinue reading “November’s Online Shopping Frenzy Could Be an Investment Opportunity”

Cybersecurity Stocks: Three Reasons They Could Keep Rising

Many cybersecurity stocks have delivered strong returns for investors in 2020. Just look at the gains delivered by stocks such as Cloudflare and Crowdstrike Holdings. The former has risen around 225% year-to-date, while the latter is up around 165%.  Can cybersecurity stocks continue to outperform? Looking at what is going on in the world today, it is certainlyContinue reading “Cybersecurity Stocks: Three Reasons They Could Keep Rising”

Why Renewable Energy Stocks are Soaring Right Now

By eToro Renewable energy stocks have soared higher this year. Just look at the performance of stocks such as Sunrun Inc. and SolarEdge Technologies Inc. Year-to-date, these stocks are up around 300% and 200% respectively. Not only have they smashed the market, but they have also comfortably outperformed tech winners such as Amazon, Apple, and Facebook.  So, what’s behind the extraordinary rise inContinue reading “Why Renewable Energy Stocks are Soaring Right Now”

Bank Stocks: Has Covid-19 Presented a Major Opportunity for Investors?

By eToro Global equity markets have had a good run since the stock market crashed earlier in the year, however, not all sectors have participated in the rally. While technology and healthcare stocks have surged in recent months, other sectors have been left behind.  Banking is one sector that has underperformed the broader market in 2020.Continue reading “Bank Stocks: Has Covid-19 Presented a Major Opportunity for Investors?”

Tech’s year: What’s rallying Snapchat, Alibaba and Nvidia

By eToro While we are all ensconced in our homes, technology has become increasingly vital to working, socialising and generally staying in touch. Online shopping has rocketed, TV shows and films have never been streamed more, and video conferences are now the norm not the exception.   Unsurprisingly, this all has been reflected in the stock market as techContinue reading “Tech’s year: What’s rallying Snapchat, Alibaba and Nvidia”

Why Copy Trading is a Great tool for new Investors

By eToro If you are planning to take your first steps in the financial markets, you may want to consider copy trading as an easy entry point. Copy trading will enable you to learn from other traders and investors, hone your trading skills, save time, and overcome your current lack of experience. Follow the guide below andContinue reading “Why Copy Trading is a Great tool for new Investors”

Looking beyond Covid-19 for investment ideas

By eToro The impact of the coronavirus on our society has almost been equalled by its effect on the economy as many businesses around the world are having to close or reintroduce severe restrictions. In the UK, we are facing circuit-breaker lockdowns, elsewhere, there are curfews and new plans to tackle the spread. But theContinue reading “Looking beyond Covid-19 for investment ideas”

Meet the Popular Investors that beat the markets in Q3, 2020

By eToro After a fast recovery in the capital markets, which started in Q2, the S&P 500 reached a positive yearly return in Q3. The end of Q3 was more volatile as the S&P 500 decreased by 3.9% in September. Despite this, many of eToro’s Popular Investors remained profitable even in September, demonstrating that theyContinue reading “Meet the Popular Investors that beat the markets in Q3, 2020”

How will the US Election Impact Global Markets?

By Avner Meyrav 2020 was one of the most eventful years in recent history. The COVID-19 pandemic crippled multiple segments of global markets, US and China had an ongoing trade spat and the price of oil reached unprecedented lows. But the year is not over yet, and there is at least one more major event that couldContinue reading “How will the US Election Impact Global Markets?”

Microsoft who? Oracle Beats the tech Giant to take over TikTok

By eToro “Dark Horse” scenarios, in which an unlikely candidate comes from the back of the pack to win it all, are very rare in real life. However, when it comes to Oracle’s acquisition of TikTok’s US business — that’s exactly what happened. After various blockbuster brands, such as Facebook and Microsoft, were named as potential acquirers, it was theContinue reading “Microsoft who? Oracle Beats the tech Giant to take over TikTok”

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