Three investment options as markets get the jitters

By eToro In the financial markets, confidence is key. If the markets believe your company is set for big things, your share price goes up. If they believe you’re on a downward slide, your share price quickly follows suit. But what if the markets lose confidence in their own ability to predict what will happen,Continue reading “Three investment options as markets get the jitters”

GainersQtr Portfolio: Performance and Analysis

By eToro The GainersQtr CopyPortfolio managed to weather the H1 2020 storm and even generate profits during one of the most volatile times in market history. GainersQtr uses predictive algorithms to locate the eToro traders who are most likely to generate a profit over the next quarter, and aggregates them into one portfolio. The portfolio also presentsContinue reading “GainersQtr Portfolio: Performance and Analysis”

eToro Portfolios are now more accessible than ever

By eToro Invest in Ready-Made Portfolios for as little as $2,000 Among our most popular offerings are our CopyPortfolios. These ready-made investment strategies give you exposure to a variety of markets, themes and innovative financial technologies, each bundled into one accessible investment portfolio. Some portfolios have a minimum investment amount of $5,000, while others require aContinue reading “eToro Portfolios are now more accessible than ever”

Get to know a Popular Investor: Kazimieras Tiknius

By eToro Meet Htree3: It didn’t take long for Kazimieras to join eToro after realizing that other trading platforms have significantly more fees. Soon enough, he became one of eToro’s Popular Investors, and he plans to earn between 25%-30% in the following year. Want to know how? Read the interview below. Tell us a little about yourself.Continue reading “Get to know a Popular Investor: Kazimieras Tiknius”

Are you making these 6 common investing mistakes?

By eToro This post was written by Joseph James Milazzo, a Popular Investor based in Australia, who has been trading on eToro since 2016. He has an MBA in Public Sector Administration and works as a Senior Consultant to the Australian Government. Even the best investors make mistakes, and even experts can get it wrong whenContinue reading “Are you making these 6 common investing mistakes?”

Three Scenarios for Stock Investment

By eToro Who led the digital transformation in your company? CEO? CFO? CIO? No. It was Covid-19. Sometimes the lessons learned from an economic crisis are so good, they leave the world economy better off in the long term. Stock Investing at the WORST possible time If you had invested in the stock market inContinue reading “Three Scenarios for Stock Investment”

Portfolios to Watch in H1 and Ahead of H2, 2020

By Avner Meyrav The first half of 2020 is in the books and boy, what a ride it has been. This 6-month period will no doubt go down in history as one of the craziest, most impactful times in the history of the modern economy. The coronavirus pandemic wreaked havoc in global markets, numerous industriesContinue reading “Portfolios to Watch in H1 and Ahead of H2, 2020”

COVID-19 may be the last nail in Cash’s Coffin

By Avner Meyrav The coronavirus pandemic introduced numerous changes into our daily lives. As impactful as social distancing, wearing masks and repeated hand washing were, they may not have the most significant long-lasting effect. The pandemic forced many people who normally used cash money to switch to digital payment methods ― and this could beContinue reading “COVID-19 may be the last nail in Cash’s Coffin”

Investments Post-COVID-19: These are the Sectors to Watch

By Avner Meyrav The coronavirus pandemic is not over yet, but in many countries, the general belief is that the worst is behind us. Economies around the world are slowly reopening and many of the industries that have suffered from the pandemic are recovering. While some sectors, such as travel and leisure, took a tremendous hitContinue reading “Investments Post-COVID-19: These are the Sectors to Watch”

“You can’t adjust the whole ship every time some wind hits the sails”: Meet Popular Investor Nestor Antonio Armstrong

Not even a global pandemic can slow down this Popular Investor’s plan to beat the Standard & Poor 500 index this year and in the years ahead. Find out exactly how he plans to do it and more in the blog below.  Check out NestorArmstrong’s stats Tell us a little about yourself. What do youContinue reading ““You can’t adjust the whole ship every time some wind hits the sails”: Meet Popular Investor Nestor Antonio Armstrong”

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